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Re: future of package descriptions translation?!

Quoting Michael Bramer (grisu@debian.org):

> do you think it is usefull to:
>  - send an ITT-Mail to debian-l10n-XX if someone start translation on a
>    _package_description? (we have >9000 source Packges)

Well, there won't be 900 simultaneous ITTs...:)

>  - send RFR/ITR-Mails to debian-l10n-XX if some make a review in the
>    DDTP?
> > The most imporant thing is making this happen on mailing lists rather
> > than private email.
> Yes, I like to make some mailing list on alioth, where all mails will
> be send per language.
> Or did you mean something else?

I meant using the *existing* mailing lists.

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