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Re: bug-reporting for non-English users

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

Il giorno dom, 01-05-2005 alle 18:56 +0200, Jacob Sparre Andersen ha
And what about the other users?  Do you expect the users to
try to understand bug-reports in 30+ different languages
before they report an error?  I expect that the result will
be that people just give up looking through the existing
bug-reports.  If we're lucky they will still report the bugs
and we will just get duplicate bug-reports in an excessive
volume.  If we're unlucky they will decide that it is too
much work to report bugs to Debian and we will never hear
from them.

I think that it will work as it is working nowadays. If I found a bug, I
check if it has been already reported. Sometimes it is, and I do not
make a new report. Sometimes the reporter doesn't see the bug wasa
already reported. This is why we have duplicates now. This is why we
will ever have duplicates.

And why not send the non-English bug-reports _directly_ to
the translators/verifiers for that language?  What is the
problem with separating out the tasks?  And would you really
like to have to sift through bug-reports in Sardinian,
Icelandic, Welsh and Faroese, when you are checking if a bug
you've found already has been reported?

This may be a good point: do you mean that who is translating the
debconf templates and/or the upstream program, should receive all non
english report and translate it to english? May this be a new email
address like submit-<LANG>@bugs.debian.org?

What happen if/when the translator doesn't reply? Should this report be
published somewhere even before any reply or translation?


I think havin a submit-<LANG>@bugs.debian.org address for each language it would be the best solution. There's the problem with ocupied translators, but if that language hasnt a translator conmunity big and active enough, then the user has to know english to use the system, thus that user can report the bug in english anyway. Perhaps the best way would be the user could choose between sending the bug in his/her mother tongue or directly in english.

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