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Re: bug-reporting for non-English users

Il giorno dom, 01-05-2005 alle 18:56 +0200, Jacob Sparre Andersen ha
>And what about the other users?  Do you expect the users to
>try to understand bug-reports in 30+ different languages
>before they report an error?  I expect that the result will
>be that people just give up looking through the existing
>bug-reports.  If we're lucky they will still report the bugs
>and we will just get duplicate bug-reports in an excessive
>volume.  If we're unlucky they will decide that it is too
>much work to report bugs to Debian and we will never hear
>from them.

I think that it will work as it is working nowadays. If I found a bug, I
check if it has been already reported. Sometimes it is, and I do not
make a new report. Sometimes the reporter doesn't see the bug wasa
already reported. This is why we have duplicates now. This is why we
will ever have duplicates.

> And why not send the non-English bug-reports _directly_ to
> the translators/verifiers for that language?  What is the
> problem with separating out the tasks?  And would you really
> like to have to sift through bug-reports in Sardinian,
> Icelandic, Welsh and Faroese, when you are checking if a bug
> you've found already has been reported?

This may be a good point: do you mean that who is translating the
debconf templates and/or the upstream program, should receive all non
english report and translate it to english? May this be a new email
address like submit-<LANG>@bugs.debian.org?

What happen if/when the translator doesn't reply? Should this report be
published somewhere even before any reply or translation?


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