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Re: bug-reporting for non-English users

Il giorno dom, 01-05-2005 alle 14:50 +0200, Jacob Sparre Andersen ha
>  a) Most maintainers know less than 10 languages.  And
>     Debian is distributed in (more than?) 30 languages.
>     This gives (as a very rough estimate) that two out of
>     three messages the maintainer receives will be in a
>     language he/she doesn't know.  Given the same estimate
>     for the bug-reporters, they will only understand one out
>     of three reports in the database.  This will thus result
>     in two out of three bug-reports the maintainers receive
>     being duplicates of existing reports.

I would add some new notes beside what I already wrote. I think that the
majority of bugs are reported by people using unstable or testing. This
means that usually all reporters are developers. I think that almost all
developers using unstable may write in english. This is not true now,
since we released so long ago that many non developers already switched
to testing.

If this is the case, then probably only a small part of the reports will
be issued against stable; and only a part of those reports will not be
in english.


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