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Re: bug-reporting for non-English users

Il giorno dom, 01-05-2005 alle 14:50 +0200, Jacob Sparre Andersen ha
>  a) Most maintainers know less than 10 languages.  And
>     Debian is distributed in (more than?) 30 languages.
>     This gives (as a very rough estimate) that two out of
>     three messages the maintainer receives will be in a
>     language he/she doesn't know.  Given the same estimate
>     for the bug-reporters, they will only understand one out
>     of three reports in the database.  This will thus result
>     in two out of three bug-reports the maintainers receive
>     being duplicates of existing reports.

Well, this would be true if we could leave every user the freedom to
report a bug in any language he would like. I would rather prefer to ask
them to report in english, if possible.
This would led as to, probably, tha majority of reports in english.

>  b) Because maintainers change.  And even though one
>     maintainer of a package may understands Italian, it is
>     not very likely that the next one does.  If we don't
>     stick to the one language we all have to know anyway
>     (because it is the official language of the project)  
>     for the internal communications of the project - of
>     which the bug database is a very important part - we
>     create a great mess.

Right. That's why any maintainer should ask debian-l10n-<LANG> for a
translation of a report, if he needs one. And this translation could be
to english or to any other language he likes.

> is something I have to read quite often.  And even though
> I'm pretty close to the 10-language-mark, I would still
> ignore two thirds of the bug-reports, when trying to see if
> I had found a new problem.  I may be strange, but I
> completely ignore bug-reports in languages I don't know -
> they are just spam to me.

I would problably tell the submitter that I don't understand his
language. I would also ask d-l10n-<LANG> for a translation.


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