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Re: Poedit bug #232625 (was: Re: Spellchecker for poedit)

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 10:44:14AM +0100, Tim Dijkstra wrote:
> Well I can have a look at it, but to be sure I get what you want;
> The problem is that lines that start with #. should not be treaded as
> comments.

Right, they are automatic comments, like fuzzy markers (with "#,") or
line numbers (with "#:").

> Ideally you would want a extra field which displays this information.

Yes, if you look at the sources of the gettext program, you will see
that messages have a field for source comments (tagged by "#.") and
another one for translator comments ("# ").  PO editor authors do not
seem to look at these sources, it sounds very strange to me.

> Would it also be ok for you to have them silently ignored (but kept in
> the file of course). In the files I translated these lines usually
> show the field type, which is usually not that interesting.

Dealing with only one type of comments is certainly much simpler, but
then source comments should IMO be displayed.
Did you find valuable translators' comments? ;)
When translating into French we try to follow Christian's Debconf
Templates Style Guide
and thus knowing the templates type is important; e.g. descriptions of
boolean or string templates do not follow the same rules.


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