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Re: Problems with locales and Norwegian

El lun, 02-02-2004 a las 13:34, era+debian@iki.fi escribió:
> On Sun, 01 Feb 2004 14:02:01 +0100, Carlos Perelló Marín
> <carlos@pemas.net> posted to debian-i18n:
>  > El dom, 01-02-2004 a las 13:49, Preben Randhol escribió:
>  >> Problem is still that if one start Abiword from the Gnome menus it
>  >> doesn't work.
>  > You should add your language preference to your profile.
>  > If you use GDM, just select the language you want from its menu.
>  > If you use startx, I think you can just add "export LANG=nb_NO" inside
>  > your .profile or .bashrc
> Tangential, but I wanted to correct this.
> Based on a quick browse of startx in stable, it doesn't look at your
> .profile or .bashrc at all, and, to the best of my understanding,
> shouldn't.

I know, It's the bash shell from where you launch startx which reads it
(if you don't use bash, just add it to your shell configuration).

> There ought to be a way to set environment variables for your X
> session, but AFAIK, nothing is portable across all X environments.
> I have in my .gnomerc the following
> test -e $HOME/.profile && . $HOME/.profile
> exec /etc/X11/gdm/gnomerc

I don't think you need it if you start your X session with startx, just
add your environment to you shell's configuration file and that's all,
the environment will be the same.
> but obviously different measures will be needed for different
> environmewnts.
> I have taken care to put in my .profile only stuff I want in all
> plausible environments, and source it from the pertinent startup
> scripts for X, bash, sh, etc.
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