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Re: Problems with locales and Norwegian

El dom, 01-02-2004 a las 13:49, Preben Randhol escribió:
> Carlos Perelló Marín <carlos@pemas.net> wrote on 01/02/2004 (12:55) :
> > How did you tied it?
> > 
> > It's a know gettext feature.
> > 
> > test it this way:
> > 
> > $ LANGUAGE=no_NO:no_NY:nb:nn strace application > /tmp/output 2>&1
> First of all there is nothing called no_NY:nb:nn

It's only an example.

> I tried 
> export LANGUAGE=nb_NO:no_NO:nn_NO
> but this didn't work. However I just found out that if I also do:

Did you tried the strace command to know what happens?

> export LANG=nb_NO 
> then it workds (that is Abiword gets Norwegian menus (bokmaal))

Abiword does not use gettext, the LANGUAGE variable only works with

> Don't understand why one have to set both LANG and LANGUAGE though.


LANGUAGE is a gettext extension that lets you choose several locales
(that's why only works with gettext applications), LANG is the standard
way to select your locale, but it only works with one locale.

> Problem is still that if one start Abiword from the Gnome menus it
> doesn't work.

You should add your language preference to your profile.

If you use GDM, just select the language you want from its menu.
If you use startx, I think you can just add "export LANG=nb_NO" inside
your .profile or .bashrc
If you want it as the default language: "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and
select it there.


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