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Re: Problems with locales and Norwegian

Tobias Toedter:

> I don't know any Norwegian at all, so just out of curiosity: what is
> the difference between the two languages?

It's quite complicated, and the answer will probably be different
depending on who you ask that question. The Norwegian Language Council
has a brief summary in English here: <URL:http://www.sprakrad.no/norw1.htm>

> Why should the locale be set to Bokmål instead of Nynorsk?

"nb" is Norwegian bokmål and "nn" is Norwegian nynorsk. "no" is the old
language code which was used "Norwegian", without qualifying which of
the variant[1] was used. Most "no" translations are probably Norwegian
bokmål, though.

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[1] Whether or not bokmål and nynorsk are different *languages* are
    up for debate. Some people think that splitting "no" into "nb" and
    "nn" was a bad idea. Some people think the opposite.

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