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Re: Problems with locales and Norwegian

On 2004-02-01T13:05:44+0200, randhol@pvv.org wrote:
> http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po/no
> [nb] [nn] [no] [no_NO] [no_NY]
> I don't have time to track down all the packages in the pool of 8710
> packages in Debian.

Answer is on that page you just mentioned.  Just grab list of packages
which have wrongly named po files and report bugs against such
packages.  There is no one person responsible, but all maintainers of

Also, maybe lintian could be used to check this?

BTW That url is not updated since november, but
<URL:http://people.debian.org/~barbier/intl/l10n/po/> has temporarily
current information.

Tommi Vainikainen

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