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Re: i18n of termwrap (Re: i18n of tasksel (and cdebconf))

[Tomohiro KUBOTA]
> I read the file of termwrap in base-config CVS and found that
> it supports only UTF-8, ISO-8859-{1,15}, and EUC-JP.  For example,
> I think it should support ISO-8859-2 and KOI8-R.  Also there is a
> bug report (#206347) that it should support ISO-8859-13.

I agree that it should support all the charmaps needed by the
supported translations in the installation system.

> Since console-tools are useless for Japanese, I don't know how to
> configure Linux console to display these encodings.  Do anyone
> know how to?  I would like to improve termwrap to support them.

I reported the missing ISO-8859-13 charset support as a bug against
console-data, and got it added to the package in no time.  I do not
know if is enough to solve the problem, but plan to test it. :)

It might be enough for the other charsets using less then 512 glyphs.

> Also, I would like to ask that whether it will be valuable for
> termwrap to support Chinese and Korean?  (I guess it is possible by
> using jfbterm just as Japanese, with additional fonts.)

Yes.  Perhaps these should use UTF-8 by default instead, and we can
then change the UTF-8 support in termwrap to use bogl-bterm?  I guess
that is easier said then done, and that we need to fix some support
for the commonly used charsets as well.

Patches welcome. :)

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