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Re: i18n of tasksel (and cdebconf)

[Tomohiro KUBOTA]
> I found that cdebconf requires translated templates to have
> ".UTF-8" in the field names.  For example, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure ssh"
> doesn't show such error messages.

Aha, I was not aware of that limitation, but it sounds reasonable.
All the d-i modules uses UTF-8 encoded templates.

> Is it enough for cdebconf to support only UTF-8?  I mean, isn't it
> used for ordinary packages, though debian-installer-related packages
> might be carefully built to have ".UTF-8" templates?

I believe it is OK to limit cdebconf to only handle UTF-8 encoded
templates, but believe it should be able to output using other
charsets as well.  We will not need it in d-i, because we decided to
standardize on UTF-8 output, but it might be useful for cdebconf to be
a full debconf replacement.

> BTW, I didn't think about possibility that the debian-installer
> doesn't use internationalized terminal which can display (for
> example) Japanese characters.  If Japanese characters cannot be
> displayed (by using bogl-bterm, jfbterm, and so on), Japanese
> translations will never be useful.

d-i will use bogl-bterm and UTF-8 if rootskel-locale and bterm is
installed on the boot floppy, and the kernel booted supports
framebuffer.  If not, it will use to ASCII.

A related problem is the availability of the font.  The build system
will make a redused font with all the glyphs used on the boot floppy,
but need to update the font when more d-i modules are installed by
anna, to make sure the extra glyphs are available when the texts for
these packages are to be displayed.  I'm not sure if this is handled
at the moment.

> This problem is not limited to Japanese.  Since Korean, Chinese,
> Russian, Greek, and so on are affected by this problem, Japanese-
> specific solution is not very good, I think.

If you see the language question in the beginning of d-i install, you
should see character for all these langauges.

BTW: Please check the question text in tools/languagechooser to make
  sure the japanese text matches the form of the other questions.

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