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Re: test of debconf po files and some questions...

fre 2003-03-07 klockan 15.06 skrev Michael Bramer:
> not a bug in technical sense. IMHO the spec allow this.
> But sorry, I don't understand this part: 'it's a bug for the "text"
> template type, since it's non-interactive'
> Can you explain this?

I meant "I don't think it's a bug for a 'text' template to have an empty
extended description". Take anna for example:

Template: anna/progress_title
Type: text
_Description: Installing modules

Template: anna/progress_step_retr
Type: text
_Description: Retrieving ${PACKAGE}

These strings are used with cdebconf progress bars, there's no reason to
put an extended description on them.

The debconf spec says

"This template is a scrap of text that can be displayed to the user.
It's intended to be used for mostly cosmetic reasons, touching up around
other questions that are asked at the same time. Unlike a note, it isn't
treated as something the user should definitely see. Less complex
frontends may refuse to ever display this type of element."

so I think you should be very very liberal about this.

Martin Sjögren
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