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Re: Debian italian translation effort.

Andrea Glorioso <sama@aglorioso.com> writes:

> >>>>> "jvb" == Joost van Baal <joostvb-debian-i18n@mdcc.cx> writes:
>     jvb> I am not aware of any task assignment infrastructure in
>     jvb> debian, and I don't think one could abuse debbugs to deliver
>     jvb> this.  I think sourceforge indeed could give you what you
>     jvb> need, without any effort from your side.
> I just sent the request for opening the project page.  I'll keep you
> informed, as to update debian i18n links as well.

I don't habe moral problems with the usage of sourceforge, BUT the
task assignment infrastructure would be nice for many other projects
within Debian, e.g. release management. Therefore it would be nice to
have such an infrastructure handy for Debian as a whole. IMHO someone
has (partly) packaged sourceforge for Debian. So it should be relativ
easy to install the package on one of the Debian servers.


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