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Re: Debian italian translation effort.

>>>>> "j" == Joost van Baal <joostvb-debian-i18n@mdcc.cx> writes:

    j> Hi Andrea, On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 10:50:10AM +0200, Andrea
    j> Glorioso wrote:
    >> My name is Andrea Glorioso, and I've launched, together with
    >> some fellows, a project aimed at coordinating and easening
    >> italian translations of Debian.

    j> Would this project neceserally be Debian oriented?  In case
    j> it's about translating not only debian-specific, but also
    j> generaral linux documentation into italian, the project might
    j> better be general linux oriented.  As a side-effect, this would
    j> make the possible quirk no longer applicable.

There are    already  projects    for general     linux  documentation
translations       (the    Italian   Linux    Documentation   Project,
www.pluto.linux.it/ildp, is maybe the best example).

Our effort is quite debian-specific,  and is aimed both at integrating
translations coming from other sources into debian, either via mailing
the maintainer or  notifying upstream, and  working on debian-specific
parts of   translations  (like debconf  templates,  boot floppies, web
pages, and so on).

I hope this helps clarifying  the situation... we initially thought to
setup something ourselves,  but to be  honest, the initial inertia was
too much: we  don't  have  time enough.   Being able  to  rely on  the
infrastructure which sourceforge offers would be a big plus for us.

Any hint is appreciated, of course.

Hope this helps,

Andrea Glorioso

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