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Debian italian translation effort.

Hi all.

My name is  Andrea  Glorioso, and I've  launched, together   with some
fellows,   a project  aimed  at   coordinating   and easening  italian
translations of Debian.

The  focal point is  organizing efforts.  Our  intent  is to provide a
(virtual) place where  to collect  the  various  tasks which come   up
during the project life, assign them to  volunteers, and give feedback
to maintainers and/or upstream developers.

To this extent, we  were  thinking to  use Sourceforge, mostly  of all
because  of   the work   they  already  did   on the   task assignment

My only problem is: is there any legal and or moral quirk we should be
aware of before hosting a debian-related project on Sourceforge?

Best regards,

Andrea Glorioso

P.S.: of course,  most of  us  already participate on  relevant Debian
mailing lists as to be able to fill up the task list fast enough. ;)

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