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Re: internationalising boot-floppies

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> > We have at least Spanish, French, and cz (Czech?) translations
> > already.  I am working on Finnish and I know there are other
> > translation efforts underway.

I'm working on German with some others and today I sent files to
a person in croatia.

> I'd be happy to do an Esperanto translation if someone would tell me
> how. I think I could convert dozens of people to using Debian if I
> could advertise an installation procedure that works in Esperanto.

What's the two-letter code for esperanto?

> There is a slight problem, however: I would need 12 characters from
> Latin-3.

What happens if you run a program via "Lang=<two-letter-code> program"?
Will it use latin3?



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