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Re: K15 mini iso

On Wednesday 28 November 2007 13:16, Michael Banck wrote:

> Calicut have it easy because they use a shell script instead of
> binaries in an initrd, so it'd be a matter of search and replace (I
> pointed it out to one of them a while ago I think)
> Anyway, this is not a regression from K14 (or any earlier release since
> the ext2-for-large-stores patch for > 2GB got applied), so I don't
> think it absolutely needs fixing now.  I also understand that having to
> hack around in the GNU/Linux parts of K* is not very nice.

I almost have the solution.  I was like a journey to Timbuktu and back to 
the house next door.  It is just need the final tweek.
> > > We will update the core hurd and glibc packages shortly, and I
> > > think using the currently known stable ones would be better.
> >
> > I can freeze my archive.  I have yet to update my working version
> > Latest version ftp-master.debian.org:-  Mon 26 Nov.
> > Working version   Sun 25 Nov.
> > Could you give me a time when to freeze.
> Well, not sure when a good time would be.  I am not sure whether you
> can freeze the archive and then add very specific packages for
> uninstallability issues or bugs.  If you can, I guess it wouldn't hurt
> to freeze now.

I build up a local file system mainly from gnuab, but also including other 
packages gathered from here and there.

No sign of the new glibc and hurd packages yet.  I will probably create a 
little script to check daily.
> Hrm, maybe we could run some QA tools on the Packages.gz of the archive
> which could report e.g. uninstallable packages.  Not sure what exactly
> is available in this field or whether you're doing so already.

I do so for my own info.  The disc build process sorts out what has 
dependency problems.
> Michael

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