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K15 mini iso

The K15 mini iso has been uploaded to gnuab.org.  I have asked Guillem to 
move it into place.

The usual warning.  GNU/Hurd is a developing os and people should take the 
proper precautions when using this image.

The gnu*.tar.gz tarball can be found within the image as baseGNU.tgz

This has turned out to be a tidy image and should not give any problems.  
Everything configures and it did not need to upgrade when tested for 
this.  However, the tarball is rather bloated.

The scripts for building the tarball (baseGNU) have been included in the 
image as tarball-scripts.tgz - a commentary "COMMENTARY-IMPORTANT" is 
part of the file.  The scripts can be downloaded directly from 
http://www.copyleft.co.nz/tarball-scripts.tgz - http only.

If all goes well then K16 (or one of the Calicut L series) should be out 
before the end of the year.

As usual comments and suggestions are welcome.


  Philip Charles; 39a Paterson Street, Abbotsford, Dunedin, New Zealand
   +64 3 488 2818        Fax +64 3 488 2875        Mobile 027 663 4453
   philipc@copyleft.co.nz - personal.    info@copyleft.co.nz - business

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