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Re: Debian vs. Hurd init scripts: `/etc/rcS.d'


On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 02:00:20PM +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Apr 2007 13:36:55 +0200, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> > I noticed this when installing the `ntpdate' package, which
> > registers itself as `/etc/rcS.d/S51ntpdate', but didn't get executed
> > when rebooting the system.
> FWIW and only specific to ntpdate (which, BTW, I cannot find for hurd
> at [1])

Ah, yes, I got this from the HurdFr repository at
<http://packages.hurdfr.org/>.  Running it by hand à la ``sudo
/etc/init.d/ntpdate start'' works, by the way.

> this is the old behavior in sarge [2], because starting from
> etch ntpdate is executed when the interface is brought up [3].

We have a problem there, because the Hurd's way of managing network
interfaces is not very well integrated with Debian's -- not at all, one
should probably say.  It would be pretty easy to implement some
infrastructure in the Hurd's pfinet server (that's the one to handle
network connectivity) to initiate call-backs as soon as an interface is
set up, etc. -- if we wanted to do that, which I'm not so sure about.


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