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Debian vs. Hurd init scripts: `/etc/rcS.d'


It seems to me that on a Debian GNU/Hurd system the init scripts
referenced in `/etc/rcS.d/' are not being run on system start.  In
`/libexec/rc' I can see that `/etc/rc.boot/' and `/etc/rc2.d/' are
considered, but not `/etc/rcS.d/'.

On my Debian systems `/etc/rc.boot/' is empty -- if it exists at all.
So, should perhaps the `/libexec/rc' script be changed to perouse through
`/etc/rcS.d/' instead of `/etc/rc.boot/'?

I noticed this when installing the `ntpdate' package, which registers
itself as `/etc/rcS.d/S51ntpdate', but didn't get executed when rebooting
the system.


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