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Re: Debian vs. Hurd init scripts: `/etc/rcS.d'


On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 02:24:39PM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Thomas Schwinge, le Wed 04 Apr 2007 13:36:55 +0200, a ?crit :
> > I noticed this when installing the `ntpdate' package, which registers
> > itself as `/etc/rcS.d/S51ntpdate', but didn't get executed when rebooting
> > the system.
> Mmm, there's a problem with the package that handles rc scripts then:
> ntpdate should properly register where it needs to.  I mean, people
> usually use sysv-rc on debian GNU/Linux, so that registers are done in
> /etc/rcS.d, but I usually rather use file-rc for instance, and then
> registers are done in /etc/runlevel.conf. I guess we should just provide
> a hurd-rc package that would make registers happen in /etc/rc.boot.

I can't comment on that as I have no idea how that is to handled in
Debian systems.

> Or else we may impose the use of sysv-rc and then fix /libexec/rc to
> using /etc/rcS.d

I just tried that and it turns out to _not_ be a good idea: a large
number of the startup scrips referenced from there are not prepared to
properly function on a Hurd system (mounting file systems and all that
fun), eventually resulting in the boot process coming to halt with an
emergency shell.


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