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Re: Emacs on Hurd

Hi all,

On 5/20/05, Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:
> Now, emacs is pretty important to most people running the Hurd, but so
> far nobody stepped up to look into fixing emacs21.  We got told that the
> CVS version builds fine, but the changes from emacs21 are so enormous
> that it is useless as a starting point for fixing emacs21.

For people eventually interested in fixing it (since I really don't
have the time at the moment), I've been "accidentally" building Emacs
21 for some week using debian sources and applying to them only
hurd-libio-glibc.dpatch. To compile, I used a plain "./configure" (and
set the prefix, IIRC).
I am not a "debian guy", that is I do not know how to prorperly use
the debian tools, so this seemed to me the most quick way to get emacs

I hope you find it useful, since this could be a starting point for
fixing emacs21.

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