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Re: Emacs on Hurd

On Sun, May 22, 2005 at 02:00:57PM +0000, Gianluca Guida wrote:
> On 5/20/05, Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:
> For people eventually interested in fixing it (since I really don't
> have the time at the moment), I've been "accidentally" building Emacs
> 21 for some week using debian sources and applying to them only
> hurd-libio-glibc.dpatch. To compile, I used a plain "./configure" (and
> set the prefix, IIRC).
> I am not a "debian guy", that is I do not know how to prorperly use
> the debian tools, so this seemed to me the most quick way to get emacs
> compiled.

Well, I have been doing similar things - dropping all patches except the
hurd-libio-glibc one (which I found out later to be unnecessary), and
only builing the no-X stuff.  The other configure options are mostly
about pathnames I think.  Of course, I used the official Debian build

Did you try byte-compile things?  Not sure whether this is done
automatically by the upstream build process, but this is where the
Debian package fails.

It seems to work on some machines and not on others; for example, it
used to work in my building chroot and in the main root on my notebook,
but nowhere else.

If you could make install to a DESTDIR, tar that up and put it up
somewhere on the net for others to grab, we could verify that it
actually runs anywhere, which would be a good data point.  Otherwise, I
am not convinced that simply rebuilding without patches and configure
options will help for all cases.



Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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