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Re: Emacs on Hurd

Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> writes:

> That would be me.  The problem is that for years either nobody built
> emacs21 or nobody had the motivation to fix it; either way, after the
> libtiff3g->libtiff4 transition, emacs21 needed a rebuild and we found
> out it just segfaults once the build system tries to run it (in order to
> byte-compile stuff I think).  You can see the error and a backtrace here:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2005/04/msg00080.html

OK, Thanks.

> Now, emacs is pretty important to most people running the Hurd, but so
> far nobody stepped up to look into fixing emacs21.  We got told that the
> CVS version builds fine, but the changes from emacs21 are so enormous
> that it is useless as a starting point for fixing emacs21.


>> I would advice that Emacs CVS be not distributed as 'emacs22' since
>> it has not been released yet and it could confuse people.
> That is a fair remark (though the upstream version number
> [22+0+20050320cvs] is scary enough that it might make people wonder).
> I found the emacs22 source package on the net and rebuilt it.  I
> actually looked for a emacs-snapshot package first (and found some
> mentioning of it), but as I am not in touch with either emacs or Debian
> emacs development (not using it myself really), I decided to simply grab
> the emacs22 package.  In hindsight, maybe I should have better contacted
> one of you guys :)

I'm regularly in touch with emacs-devel AT gnu.org and I'm trying to get
patches applied there as much as possible.

>> It would be nice if you could test the build on the Hurd and report
>> any problem (both in Emacs and in the packaging) to debian-emacsen, so
>> we can fix them as quickly as possible.
> I just saw that my emacs22 upload to the semi-official 'unreleased'
> hurd-i386 .deb archive got rejected, so I will proceed by building these
> packages and subsequently remove the emacs22 packages from my repository
> at people.debian.org

OK, it is wiser.

> It might take a while though, as I am mostly busy right now.  I will
> report back.

No problem. You can write to debian-emacsen AT lists.debian.org for
any problem/question.

> BTW, the 'hurd-libio-glibc' patch (which is in the emacs21 and the
> unofficial emacs22 packages) is apparently not needed anymore.

Noted. Thanks!


Jérôme Marant

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