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Emacs on Hurd

(Please CC me on reply)

Dear Hurd people,

I'm the Emacs co-maintainer for Debian and I've heard that Emacs 21.4
does not work properly on the Hurd and that people provide Emacs 22
packages for it.

I would advice that Emacs CVS be not distributed as 'emacs22' since
it has not been released yet and it could confuse people.

For quite some time now, I've worked on a package called 'emacs-snapshot'
and which goals are twofold:
- preparing the release of the upcoming stable Emacs release
- providing the cuting edge Emacs as debian packages

The package is currently neither in sid nor experimental, but I'll make
periodical releases soon as I get a faster computer.
However, it is possible to build packages by the means of a script
I have written, located at:


Basically, it checks out the current CVS snapshot and grabs the latest
packaging work from my Arch archive (with bazaar), and build

It would be nice if you could test the build on the Hurd and report
any problem (both in Emacs and in the packaging) to debian-emacsen, so
we can fix them as quickly as possible.



PS: BTW, why doesn't Emacs 21.4 work on the Hurd?

Jérôme Marant

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