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Re: Debian Hurd package

Robert Millan <zeratul2@wanadoo.es> writes:

> As in the current situation, the Debian Hurd package has been in abandoned
> state for too long. There's been no CVS update for almost a year, it has a
> critical bug (#190732) which is fixed upstream and dates 168 days old, and a
> serious FTBFS bug (#156600) which dates more than a year ago, had a trivial
> fix from day one and is now fixed upstream either.

And there are other bug fixes that were never reported via Debian.
Well, some people still have problems with the console, for example.
These problems are all fixed in CVS.

> This situation is seriously detrimental for the GNU/Hurd port [1]. I don't
> criticise Marcus and Neal for not maintaining the Debian Hurd package, since
> they're (worthly!) busy hacking on the Hurd _in upstream_. However, upstream
> is not everything and this package needs some attention.

Upstream is the most important from my POV.  I agree that the Debian
package needs some special attention. :)

I even have some requests for the debian Hurd package:

- Can you show the user a dialog when configuring the Hurd package so
  the user can choose if he wants to use the old or new console?  We
  definitely need more testers and many people want to have use its
  features but don't know about it.  The dialog should tell the user
  that XFree doesn't work from the new console.

- Add fatfs and make sure it uses read-only by default, etc.  Just to
  make it easy for users to access their files on those
  partitions/floppies and I'd like more testers. :)

Other requests or suggestions will follow. :)

Thanks for taking care of the Hurd package for debian!! :)


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