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Re: crosshurd

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 04:46:02PM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:

> > tgz was straigt forward, so it containes the files from /etc/crosshurd 
> > and the /usr/...-files.

> It would make much more sense to make a tarball available, similar to
> the ones done by marcus. Alfred was working on it, it's no big deal,
> somebody just has to upload it to alpha.gnu.org (or someplace else for
> the moment if he doesn't have access there)

Alfred asked me for a --make-tarball option to crosshurd.  If someone
files a wishlist bug, I'll probably do it.

Jeff Bailey

Breathe into my hands, I'll cup them like a glass to drink from...
 - Tattle Tale

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