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I've just uploaded crosshurd 1.3 to Debian.  Someone pointed out that I
forgot to announce crosshurd here, so here goes:

Crosshurd is the replacement for Marcus' tarball system.  The biggest
problem with the tarballs is that it fell quickly out of date. 
Crosshurd is intended to solve this problem by using apt to go out and
fetch the current debs.

Note that you need to be running Debian to use this method.  If you are
not running Debian (and I don't see why you wouldn't be, unless you
happen to *ahem* work for a competitor), you can either:

1) Use Philip's CDs.  This is probably the best option.
This is ultimately what users will be installing. (thanks Philip!), so
is good to keep tested anyway.

2) Use debootstrap to install a Debian system in a chroot jail and then
use crosshurd.  Note that the one in testing is broken because of a
recent change to alpha.gnu.org.  The one in unstable works fine.  I
should've marked it urgency high, but hey.  Does anyone actually *Run*
testing? =)

Marcus moved his tarball to attic/ to give the hint that it shouldn't be
used anymore.  Crosshurd is well setup to make tarballs, if someone
feels like it.  Or one day I might setup fencepost to do it.  Fencepost
has been having "issues" though.

Jeff Bailey

Breathe into my hands, I'll cup them like a glass to drink from...
 - Tattle Tale

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