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Re: crosshurd

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 04:19:44PM +0200, Patrick Strasser wrote:
> tgz was straigt forward, so it containes the files from /etc/crosshurd 
> and the /usr/...-files.

It would make much more sense to make a tarball available, similar to
the ones done by marcus. Alfred was working on it, it's no big deal,
somebody just has to upload it to alpha.gnu.org (or someplace else for
the moment if he doesn't have access there)

> Alien didn't make it through the complete rpm process. I had to move the 
> spec file out of the build directory and rund rpm -bb then, that was all 
> to build the rpm file.
> I don't see any distribution spedicfic issues with the rpm, it should be 
> installable on all distros. I worked on Mandrake 9.1. Dependencies are 
> empty, though.
> You can find the files at
> http://www.htu.tugraz.at/~past/hurd/crosshurd/

Cool. How do RPM-equipped distributions without APT handle the
download-stage though? Isn't crosshurd using apt-get?


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