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Re: crosshurd

Jeff Bailey wrote:
If you are
not running Debian [...], you can either:

1) Use Philip's CDs.[...]

2) Use debootstrap to install a Debian system in a chroot jail and then
use crosshurd.[...]

3) install a rpm
4) install a tarball

Lots of people run rpm based system and cannot handle debs. For the others, the tarrball has exactly the same files as the deb and the rpm, you have put them manually in place.

I've converted the Debian package into tgz and rpm packages, thanks to alien (shouldn't be difficult without). tgz was straigt forward, so it containes the files from /etc/crosshurd and the /usr/...-files. Alien didn't make it through the complete rpm process. I had to move the spec file out of the build directory and rund rpm -bb then, that was all to build the rpm file.

I don't see any distribution spedicfic issues with the rpm, it should be installable on all distros. I worked on Mandrake 9.1. Dependencies are empty, though.

You can find the files at

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