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Re: crosshurd

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 04:19:44PM +0200, Patrick Strasser wrote:

> 3) install a rpm
> 4) install a tarball

> Lots of people run rpm based system and cannot handle debs. For the 
> others, the tarrball has exactly the same files as the deb and the rpm, 
> you have put them manually in place.

I can't see that being terribly useful, since crosshurd requires apt and
unpacks the .deb files.

That said - If you want, you're welcome to send me the .spec file and
I'll put in into CVS.  My alioth project was recently approved, so
anyone can just checkout the source code from CVS when I get it in a
little later.

I'd prefer to keep using the debian BTS as the upstream bug reporting
place for now.  In the event that people start using this heavily, we
can figure something better out.

Thanks for hacking on this.

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 - Tattle Tale

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