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Re: Time to jump in (maybe?):

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 09:40, Michael D. Norwick wrote:
[snipped some fun stuff]
> 1.  Do you want me to get lost?

 Well, if we haven't told you to get lost in the last three years, now
is not the time to start, enjoy your lurking, or better yet, use the
hurd more and report bugs*.

> 2.  I use lilo but find grub far more powerful.  Should I try and change
>     the bootloaders or is chain loading lilo to grub okay?

 You will want to change if you plan on having a permanent or
semi-permanent hurd installation.

> 3.  Who needs help with writing documentation?

 Well, the Hurd manual always needs work, and I don't know if we
have any documentation at all, we probably do, for the inetutils.

> 4.  What's up with Savannah and how do they fit into the Debian/GNU/
>      Hurd scheme?

 Alfred had a nice explanation of this.
> Your counsel, flames, and advice are very much appreciated.

Burn, Burn ;)
> Michael D. Norwick

* with fixes is even better :)

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