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Re: Filesystem completely hosed

On Sam, Mär 08, 2003 at 05:14:34 -0500, James A. Morrison wrote:
> > > 1. Try to reproduce it on a different filesystem than /. If nothing
> > >    else, that should make provoking the bug less painful.
> > 
> > I'm afraid I will first have to get a fresh set of Debian GNU/Hurd CDs
> > for that. :-(
> > 
>  You can install from the old set of cd's and use apt to upgrade.

I don't have any. My last set was more than a year old and IIRC I threw
them away a while ago. But there are some vendors in Germany that offer
Debian GNU/Hurd on CD.


> > > 3. Ideally, the filesystem should be fairly small, and you should have
> > >    a dump of the filesystem before and after the curruption.
> > 
> > Too late for that...
> > 
> > [...]
>  If you want to keep your system a bit more stable, use more paritions. 
> After I have trashed about 4-6 installations, I finally think I have
> something that is a bit better.

My GNU/Hurd partition is only one Gig. Breaking it down further doesn't
make too much sense. It would be easier if GNU/Hurd had a separate /usr
tree. But having separate partitions for /share, /lib, /bin etc. doesn't
sound like a good idea.


> > >   * Sync the filesystem and remove the ext2 translator.
> > 
> > Is the sync command supposed to work on GNU/Hurd? On my box it simply
> > hangs forever, reproducibly.
>  This is strange.   Sync does work, however, afaik it just syncs the
> current filesystem you are on.

That's an interesting moment. Does Hurd or Mach have limitations
concering total HD size? /dev/hd2s7 is the last partition on a 20 GByte
disk.  I once read something about a 10 Gig limit. But if this were
true, GNU/Hurd shouldn't work at all here, not?


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