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Re: Filesystem completely hosed

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 09:09, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> nisse@lysator.liu.se (Niels Möller) writes:
> > And as far as I understand, the general advice for tracking down this
> > kind of problem are:
> > 
> > 1. Try to reproduce it on a different filesystem than /. If nothing
> >    else, that should make provoking the bug less painful.
> I'm afraid I will first have to get a fresh set of Debian GNU/Hurd CDs
> for that. :-(

 You can install from the old set of cd's and use apt to upgrade.

> > 2. Get a dump of the corrupted filesystem. Examine it, or make it
> >    available so some other knowledgable file system hacker can examine
> >    it.
> I've attached the output of dumpe2fs, in case anyone here would like
> to take a look at it.

 So far I'm e2fs illiterate so I can't help.
> > 3. Ideally, the filesystem should be fairly small, and you should have
> >    a dump of the filesystem before and after the curruption.
> Too late for that...
> [...]

 If you want to keep your system a bit more stable, use more paritions. 
After I have trashed about 4-6 installations, I finally think I have
something that is a bit better.

/ ~1gb
/home nfs or ~1.2gb
cvs ~1.2gb - I store all my source here
build ~1.5gb - I store all the object files here.

This setup will probably trash build first, but that is ok, because you
can just throw it away, and you haven't lost anything.
> I can try the rest of what you recommended later, when I have a
> working GNU/Hurd install again.
> >   * Sync the filesystem and remove the ext2 translator.
> Is the sync command supposed to work on GNU/Hurd? On my box it simply
> hangs forever, reproducibly.

 This is strange.   Sync does work, however, afaik it just syncs the
current filesystem you are on.
> Thanks,
> Johannes


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