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Time to jump in (maybe?):

I have been subscribed to this list for about 3 years now.  I have 
accumulated quite a large folder of email which has allowed me to
follow the development and growth of the Hurd.  I have been im-
pressed with the dedication all of you have placed in bringing this
environment to the point to where it is today.  My Linux experience
goes back to around 93'/94 with the debian "bo" or "hamm" distributions
(I cannot remember which came first).  I ditched my Win partitions 2
years ago.  I use bash, the gcc suite, and perl, with no specific development 
environment (never saw the advantage of learning emacs).  I know my way 
around a makefile but only to build or tweak a source package.  I write bash 
scripts but am no "script-kiddie" when it comes to perl.  My networking 
skills don't go beyond setting up a 4 node home network with a iptables 
firewall and dsl connection to the outside world.  I have set up another
"woody stable 2.4.18" system with two 1.5G partitions for the
Hurd.  I would like to know the following:

1.  Do you want me to get lost?
2.  I use lilo but find grub far more powerful.  Should I try and change
    the bootloaders or is chain loading lilo to grub okay?
3.  Who needs help with writing documentation?
4.  What's up with Savannah and how do they fit into the Debian/GNU/
     Hurd scheme?

Your counsel, flames, and advice are very much appreciated.

Michael D. Norwick

A brain is a terrible thing to waste but if I had
one I wouldn't use it to pound nails.

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