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Re: Time to jump in (maybe?):

   1.  Do you want me to get lost?

No! Not at all! We need everyone that can do something for the Hurd.
Writting documentation, hacking code, finding bugs, etc.  Whatever
makes you tick really.  If you can find something that you think is
worthwhile to hack on, hack on it!

   2.  I use lilo but find grub far more powerful.  Should I try and
       change the bootloaders or is chain loading lilo to grub okay?

Change to grub, but that is my silly opinion. :)

   3.  Who needs help with writing documentation?

We?  Other Free Software projects also lack alot of free documentation.

   4.  What's up with Savannah and how do they fit into the
       Debian/GNU/ Hurd scheme?

Savannah is the place where most GNU projects have their CVS
repository (including the Hurd), so it doesn't really fit into the
Debian GNU/Hurd scheme at all.  You might have confused Savannah with
alpha.gnu.org, which is our current unoffical place for packages that
have ugly hacks in them.

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