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Re: Slashdot story

Le lun 30/09/2002 à 18:32, Jeff Bailey a écrit :

> "And the poor sysadmin is probably sitting there wondering why his
> connection is slow, pulls up slashdot for some light reading and
> screams in anguish as he realises he has about 10 seconds left of
> usable net connection..."

I remembered that one too... made us laugh... We (my guru, a not-quite
guru and the newbie [I am the last]) installed the hurd on a school's
box a few days after that... then forgot about it, as it wasn't really

But I have had an eye on the hurd since then, so I guess this
"mésaventure" was not so bad: I'm certainly not the only one who learnt
about the hurd that way...

Snark on #hurd, #hurdfr

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