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Re: Slashdot story

On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 06:19:53PM +0200, PUYDT Julien wrote:

> > Neal's pthreads for Hurd package just made the slashdot front page.

> By the way, I remember some years ago on that same front page the
> news about somebody running a www server (apache?) under the
> Hurd. His connection was dead in minutes... Who was it? ;-)

Blech.  I particularly remember the very accurate comment on that
story that went something to the effect of:

"And the poor sysadmin is probably sitting there wondering why his
connection is slow, pulls up slashdot for some light reading and
screams in anguish as he realises he has about 10 seconds left of
usable net connection..."

learning from failures is nice in theory...
but in practice, it sucks :)
 - Wolfgang Jaehrling

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