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Re: Slashdot story

Le lun 30/09/2002 à 17:43, Jeff Bailey a écrit :
> Neal's pthreads for Hurd package just made the slashdot front page.

By the way, I remember some years ago on that same front page the news
about somebody running a www server (apache?) under the Hurd. His
connection was dead in minutes... Who was it? ;-)

> If any of you have time over the day, can you please check in there
> and help dispell some of the usual FUD and misinformation that is
> usual for slashdot?  (Especially around the Hurd!)

dispell FUD, misinformation and bad faith out of /.?! You want that site
to die?

Better post good stories on good news sites...

Snark on #hurd, #hurdfr

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