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Re: compiling new linux drivers into gnumach


Jeremy Bryant wrote:
> Under GNU/Linux the driver is tulip. I tried replacing simply tulip.c.
>  GNU Mach then cross-compiles successfully, and detects the card at bootup.
> However when running settrans to configure the network, it just hangs.

Wierd. I have a tulip and I had no problems at all. Maybe its the way
you're setting the translator? 

Double check with Neal's install guide.

> Is it at all possible to try and patch up drivers this way? Should I
> just wait for OSKit Mach?

My card came with Linux 2.2 drivers on a floppy (the source for actually
which was nice) -- If you plan to hack I suggest you look at many
different versions of the code to see what works and what doesn't..
newer version doesn't mean better.. ;-)

Sam (a.k.a Indes on #debian, #hurd - Open Projects.net)

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