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Re: texmacs package => how to debug an app problem under the hurd?

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 05:12:53PM +0200, PUYDT Julien wrote:
> what I was seeking wasn't how to debug the hurd, which is far too
> complicated for me, but directions such as where to look for
> informations about what has gone wrong. For example on GNU/Linux, I know
> that by looking in /proc/<pid>, there will be some informations...

If a program hangs, it hangs because it is in a loop or it is blocking on an
RPC or other event.  Both can be easily seen with gdb.

> Are there hurd-specific tools?

You can try rpctrace, although it is a bit buggy itself.

> Using gdb sounds like a bad idea for a beginner like me; especially a
> guile-based app!

Using gdb is an excellent idea.  You better become familiar with it today
than tomorrow.  Run, not walk, to your computer and read "info gdb" :)

(install libc0.3-dbg and run programs with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib/debug, so
you get debugging symbols into libc).


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