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Hurd versions (G1..H4)

I want to try Debian with the Hurd kernel for the first time and I have 3 questions: 1) Which is the newest version: G1,H1,H2,H3 or H4? And what are the diferences betwen these versions (especialy betwen the G and H). 2) Do you know an aproximate date when a new version will be released? (I have a very slow internet connection and I prefer to wait 1 or 2 weeks for a newer version than to download one right now). 3) I have Debian linux 3.0 r0 already installed, can I convert it to Hurd (and how?) or it's better (and easyer) to use the hurd cd's? What is the difference betwen Debian linux and Debian hurd except the kernel?(can I install a *.deb package from a debian linux cd to a debian hurd system?)

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