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Re: texmacs package => how to debug an app problem under the hurd?

Le mar 30/07/2002 à 13:06, Paul Emsley a écrit :

> There are several discussions of using gdb with the Hurd in the
> archives.  Here is one:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2000/debian-hurd-200002/msg00191.html

Well, maybe I wasn't clear enough (at least the subject was misleading):
only texmacs freezes; I still have X+WM running fine. I can kill
texmacs, launch a new one and crash it the same way (well, waiting seems
enough to do the trick);

what I was seeking wasn't how to debug the hurd, which is far too
complicated for me, but directions such as where to look for
informations about what has gone wrong. For example on GNU/Linux, I know
that by looking in /proc/<pid>, there will be some informations...

Are there hurd-specific tools? Do usual tools provide something more?
Where to look for informations on process? Is there some
well-known-soon-to-be-fixed problem that may occur silently?

Using gdb sounds like a bad idea for a beginner like me; especially a
guile-based app!

Thank you for your answer,

Snark on #hurd, #hurdfr

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