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Re: compiling random - was: ssh on hurd

Jaap Karssenberg <j.g.karssenberg@student.utwente.nl> writes:

> I believe I haven't bin clear in my previous mail: I did all of the
> above already and making random gave me the following error:

> 	make: *** No rule to make target `version.h', needed by `random.d'. Stop.

Can't you figure anything by yourself?  I'm not here to hold your

Build everything, as random needs other libraries to actually
link/compile, and it doesn't use the system wide ones.

> > And I really hope that you checked out an old copy of the CVS tree as
> > the current one doesn't work at all right now.

> I wasn't aware of this, how old should the snapshot be and is there
> a archive of cvs-snapshots ? I know alpha.gnu.org is down but is
> there a mirror with cvs-snapshots somewhere ?

Do people actually bother reading the mailing archives before asking


Alfred M. Szmidt

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