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compiling random - was: ssh on hurd

Thanks Alfred - the knowledge that there exists such a thing as autoconf, and 
the knowledge that this thing is called "autoconf" were the missing part in 
me general understanding of computers :)
I believe that my cvs tree related problems have solved themself after 
properly configuring.
There now remains one error while making the random translator, after some 
compiling the make process dies saying something like:
	no rule to make version.h needed by random.d
The directory with the random source files is directly under the top level of 
the hurd source tree, which is configured and maked without any fatal errors.
The hurd system itself is the gnu-20020523 tarr ball extended with packages 
from the H4 cd's.
Possible it is a small detail I am unaware of (as where my cvs problems (shame 
on me)) but I would be rely thankfull to anyone helping me and am to everyone 
helping me so far.


fortune says: 
Always the dullness of the fool is the whetstone of the wits.
		-- William Shakespeare, "As You Like It"
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