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Re: compiling random - was: ssh on hurd

Jaap Karssenberg <j.g.karssenberg@student.utwente.nl> writes:

> There now remains one error while making the random translator,
> after some compiling the make process dies saying something like:
> 	no rule to make version.h needed by random.d

Please supply the _exact_ error message when reporting.

> The directory with the random source files is directly under the top
> level of the hurd source tree, which is configured and maked without
> any fatal errors.

It should be _in_ the top level directory not under it.  Like this:

$ cd hurd
$ tar xzvf <path to>/random.tar.gz
$ mkdir ../hurd.obj ; cd hurd.obj   # Building in the source tree is untested.
$ ../hurd/configure
$ cd random
$ make

And I really hope that you checked out an old copy of the CVS tree as
the current one doesn't work at all right now.

Alfred M. Szmidt

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