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How to make the cvs tree - was: ssh on hurd

> > If you have   the  hurd source, and    untar beneath the  tree,  and
> > configure, then  make in the random directory.   IIRC  that's all it
> > takes.
> I hope that makes sense.

Well I once downloaded the hurd cvs tree so I now took a look at it, but now I 
only have more questions: 
First the cvs tree doesn't seem to have all the includes me hurd partition has 
- I supposed they are created in the make process, but make complains about 
these files missing.
Second to make the random package make relies on the configuration (Makeconf) 
of the source tree, but in order to get this configuration in order it makes 
sense to configurate and make this source tree.
Now the "INSTALL" file of the cvs tree explicitly states that one should run 
the "./configure" script, but this script isn't in the cvs tree, nor can I 
find any other standard script for this.
Last I come back at the first point: the includes, it made sense to me to try 
to make the cvs tree under hurd itself (crosscompiling can't be the preferred 
method I hope), but the cvs tree still uses it's own, not complete includes 
and ignores those in /include - but I suppose there should be a default 
source tree directory on the hurd system.

So to wrap it up, i have a few practical questions:
What about missing includes in the cvs tree ? and how to use these from my 
hurd partition ?
where to find or how to create a "configure" script ?
Where to put the cvs tree on the hurd parition ?
How to just compile the code of Marcus' random translator on my hurd system ?

Thank you all for your time and attention,

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