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Re: How to make the cvs tree - was: ssh on hurd

Jaap Karssenberg <j.g.karssenberg@student.utwente.nl> writes:

> Now the "INSTALL" file of the cvs tree explicitly states that one
> should run the "./configure" script, but this script isn't in the
> cvs tree, nor can I find any other standard script for this.

You need to create it by running autoconf.  The configure script is
distributed in the released versions of the Hurd.

> Last I come back at the first point: the includes, it made sense to
> me to try to make the cvs tree under hurd itself (crosscompiling
> can't be the preferred method I hope), but the cvs tree still uses
> it's own, not complete includes and ignores those in /include - but
> I suppose there should be a default source tree directory on the
> hurd system.

How are they not complete? Please be more specific.  It ignores the
Hurd specific header files in /include and picks the ones in $srcdir
for a good reason, you might be making modifications to them.

> What about missing includes in the cvs tree ? and how to use these
> from my hurd partition ?

Please be more specific.  What is missing?

> Where to put the cvs tree on the hurd parition ?

Where ever you want to, the Hurd CVS tree is not used when compiling
things other than compiling the Hurd (doh! :)

> How to just compile the code of Marcus' random translator on my hurd
> system ?

Put the `random' directory in your Hurd tree and do (building in the
srcdir is not very tested):

$ ../hurd/configure
$ cd random ; make

Alfred M. Szmidt

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