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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 08:30:33PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> On Sat, 18 May 2002, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> > Non-existant? In Debian the power is in the hands of a small group of
> > people who say in the public that they dislike transparency.
> Huh?  That's backwards from how things are.  The group in power says nothing,
> so you do not know who they are.

Sometimes they give some useless "Think about me/us" mail when somebody
has some critic. But technically they always manage to reamin totally
obscure. It's just that we need to think about them but are not
allowed to help them. It would work better if it was the other way
around. :)

> > Nice to know. But uhhh why are people still uploading packages into
> > sid? Could somebody write a mail to debian-devel-announce telling them
> > to stop? Or don't they have to stop? But why should we stop then?
> Because they don't have to stop.  New packages are the only thing requiring
> attention(more so now with CIM).

But what has the whole release process to do with an unreleased architecture?
> > The Hurd is *different*. It's the Hurd, not Linux. Is it difficult to
> > understand that "the Hurd != Linux" and the port "hurd-i386 != i386"?
> > I can't believe that you don't see the difference.
> My, how we twist the words.
> Debian is Debian is Debian.  If Debian is ported to Linux, then Linux must be
> modified to fit the Debian OS.  Same for the Debian port to hurd.

GNU is GNU. Debian is just a distribution. If you want to have the
GNU/Hurd OS in Debian, you need to change Debian to make that
possible. The GNU OS isn't the same as GNU/Linux. If it was, it
wouldn't be called different.
> > I've been willing to do that for about 5 months. I gave up.
> And you couldn't have done it at a worse time.  CIM, real freeze, release.
> All have been going on.  If you do not know that, then you really are living
> in your own world, isolated from the rest of society by your own accord.

It's not that Marcus didn't told me about what happened the years
before the real freeze. It wasn't a very long story BTW, because not
much actually happened.
> > Maybe if you start treating people as your equal instead of somebody
> > who is 10 times more stupid than you, I'll try do that what you say.
> Respect is earned.  You do not earn respect by requesting changes.  You earn
> respect by showing you can get along with the status quo first.

Oh, some I don't get respect because I haven't changed Debian? But I
can't change Debian because I'm not allowed to because I haven't
earned respect yet. And because I haven't earned respect I'm not
allowed to critize. Is that what you mean? Then I choose for the
status quo of not wanting to join an orginazation which works that

Jeroen Dekkers
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